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livestream centralized video surveillance

Centralized Video Surveillance

Kecilin technology will compress video from existing user infrastructure (e.g. CCTV) to enable faster and more stable streaming for monitoring purposes in the command center. Small video footage optimizes the use of existing server storage, allowing companies to streamline their server storage spending.

  • On Premise
    Automatically processes from existing user infrastructure.
  • Instant Response
    Users are alerted when a suspicious event is detected.
  • Cost Effective
    Small videos allow users to further optimize server storage usage.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Kecilin AI opens up new possibilities when integrated with existing infrastructure, from risk management, fraud prevention, customer behavior analysis and more. These can be achieved through the AI capabilities that Kecilin has to offer.
  • Count People
    This capability enables companies to improve customer journey, frontline operations, staffing and scheduling to achieve service excellence.
  • Dwell Time
    Time is precious for many people. With this capability, companies can improve customer satisfaction, service experience or even sales by providing prompt and timely service.
  • Face Recognition
    This capability can help business to recognize their recurring customers to give better personalization. As a result, customer will stay loyal and satisfied.
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