The story of how we grew and developed until now

Now in 2022, we are GO-TO-Market ready with many enterprise level solution center arround our proprietary compression algorithm.

Kecilin; Make it Smaller

Your only 360 solutions for compression and cloud management business

Kecilin is the first and the only Indonesia's cloud and compression technology provider. making it possible for every business to experience small-is-better solutions for your everyday needs.

Kecilin Wants to Create an Equal Access to Digital Information

Kecilin provides a compression technology that is smooth, efficient and applicable to modern technology models.

The innovation that we create is from the advancement of internet which can be realized by increasing the availability of cheaper storage, high-quality display resolutions, and good processing capabilities.

The future is frightening!





Source Video (38,2MB)

Compress by Kecilin (7.5MB)

Compare It Now

Reduce video size by 50% while enhancing object colors and textures

Almost 90% of enterprises are have already adopted digital transformation, including financial services (93%)

90% of all data today was created in the past 2 yrs. It is continuously growing up to 30% YoY.


14% growth of Hardware & Cloud Storage, Network & Bandwidth Growth up to 6%.

Let's Get to Know Kecilin!

Kecilin was founded in 2018 with a mission to create equality in information access even with existing limited telecommunication data access, we provide a compression technology that's smooth and efficient.

Kecilin Milestone

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Compress File

Let's compress your database, jpeg dan png without ads, watermark and any email registration. Max file size upload 200MB.

Don't worry, your files will not be stored on our servers, we guarantee the security of your files with a special encryption system that is on our system. Keep using our free compression feature to save your storage :)


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Max file size 200MB

Problems such as slow transfer speeds?

If your Company is facing problems such as slow transfer speeds, expensive internet/transfer fees, and full storage

Just compress your files with the reliable and fast compression technology presented by KECILIN API

Our Team

Let's get to know Kecilin's Team that consist of experts in their field

Christoper Farrel Millenio

Bisma Manda Samsu

  • CEO & Co Founder Kecilin.id
  • Previously worked at Mandiri Capital Indonesia as Head of Finance
Christoper Farrel Millenio

Christoper Farrel Millenio Kusuma

CTO & Founder of Kecilin.id

Christoper Farrel Millenio

Alexander Rusli

Former President Director & Chief Executive Officer in Indosat Ooredoo

Christoper Farrel Millenio

Monovan Sakti Jaya Kusuma

  • Former Engineering Development of Singapore Telecom (SingTel)
Christoper Farrel Millenio

Toto Sugiri

  • Founder of Sigma & DCI
Christoper Farrel Millenio

Hadi Wenas

  • Former Chief Executive Officer at MatahariMall.com

Ma e a bigger space!

An inclusive future means protecting the planet we share

We believe that in every business, digital data plays an essential role in our money-making. Drowned with text-based files, images, video, streaming services, and documents every single minute of our working days, imagine how much we could save from having them smaller! Be worry-fee!