The Future
is Scary!

In this data-intensive era, the use of data is a challenge for companies, whether it is for sharing documents or audio-video files. this trend has increased significantly today and has serious implications for the business world.

The more data that is exchanged, the higher the Internet costs, the faster the storage space is used up, and the more difficult it is for companies to monitor the activities in their operational areas.

Is this a problem in your company?


Digital Transformation Today

70 %

Companies Working on Digital Transformation (IDC)

60 %

Business Leaders Believe Digital Transformation Will Be A Critical Growth Driver For Success (PwC)

50 %

Capital challenge in software and hardware infrastructure implementations (Deloitte)

16 %

Companies consider themselves digitally mature (McKinsey)

To overcome these challenges and achieve these goals, Kecilin's advanced technology provides companies with the right tools.

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Kecilin's Products and Solutions

Livestream & Analytics

Our engine enables real-time compression for video surveillance (e.g. CCTV) with computer vision capabilities that will significantly streamline enterprise data storage costs. The product will also greatly enhance enterprise data security and any associated operational SLA. It enables centralized monitoring and data backup activities, and opens up new possibilities with real-time intelligent and analytical actions.

Data Optimizer

Our engine can be integrated with local storage and/or mobile devices to enable automatic compression for instant compression. This product also offers an intuitive dashboard for easier activity tracking and even better, the product can run optimally on low spec hardware.

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