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Enjoy the ease of cloud services with zero worries. Kloud by Kecilin makes your cloud feels lighter with a better space.

Cloud Kecilin

Kloud by Kecilin is a Crossplatform Cloud Compression that provides the latest compression algorithms and is designed for easy data management. Kloud by Kecilin allows storage of image-video file types of documents to take up less space and can increase revenue more significantly.

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Cloud Compression

Inter-Cloud compression service that provides the latest compression algorithms. Allows storage of documents to take up less space and can significantly improve optimization.

Automatic Sync
Performs Compression

The synchronization system makes it easy to compress and transfer documents, so that cloud document management activities are orderly and timely.

Light and
Secure Compression

Kloud by small is 100% safe and secure and ensures the complete confidentiality and security of user data. Kloud by Kecilin will not duplicate, open or share your files.

Easy Bouquet
Management and Accurate
Compressed File Log

Dashboard with easy and user friendly settings to manage your cloud and documents.

Getting Started

Get compressed with Kloud by Kecilin. Kloud by Kecilin offers unlimited cloud services for businesses.

Ignite your fancy cloud services right away on our secure, cutting-edge smart, and intelligent algorithm. Enjoy our free up to 4 weeks free of charge services to convince your business.

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