Kecilin VPN+ can protect your personal data & make you feel free to express yourself in the internet. By using our own advanced compression technology, we can save your internet quota usage up to 50%

Media Compression is also included in Kecilin VPN +. This feature can be used to reduce photo size up to 80% smaller & save memory usage on your device!

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Save your internet data usage

We will save 50% of your internet data usage every time you use our feature

The cheapest VPN among others

You only need to pay IDR 5,000, as our high compression capabilities require very little bandwidth. Better to pay a small amount to get a secure connection!

Save your memory usage

Shrink your photo size with Compressed Media from Kecilin


Protect your data privacy with just one tap, download Kecilin VPN+, and get 7 days free trial

Works with wifi and maximum performace with cellular data

Safe and more flexible data access

Easily connect or disconnect via the widget

Has 3 server options for all users

Protect your privacy data on public networks

User Testimonials Minimize VPN+

Rahmat Hidayat

“This application can really save quota,
the connection to the server is fast and stable,
the browser is guaranteed to be safe without being hindered.”

Husna Rianti

“I don't regret downloading this application,
even though the YouTube stream is 720p,
the quota that I use is only a little”

Taufik Hidayat

“Minimize these apps a very useful and
helpful application so now the internet is more efficient”


“It's really interesting how this application works,
I can browse without fear of running out of quota,
plus the user interface is very good and easy to understand”

Virli Saputri

“The server provided is very stable,
not only for browsing, but for gaming it's also very smooth”